[NTG-context] align question

Bruce H. Wagner bhwagner at gtcinternet.com
Sat Jul 15 07:56:57 CEST 2006

At 10:21 PM -0700 7/14/06, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
>On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, David Arnold wrote:
>>  On another matter, I'm having some alignment issues. Consider the
>>  following code:
>>  \starttext
>>  \startformula
>>  \startalign[n=4,{left, middle, middle, middle}]
>>  aaa&b&cccc&d\\
>>  a&bbb&c&ddd
>>  \stopalign
>>  \stopformula
>>  \stoptext
>  > Compile this and you will notice that the alignment parameters {left,
>  > middle, middle, middle} are ignored. And you can change these to
>>  anything else (left, middle, right), with absolutely no change. Any
>>  idea what is going on here?
>Wrong syntax. It should be
>I would strongly suggest to use
>\NC aaaa \NC bb \NC d \NR
>instead of "raw" & and \\.

The "align=" seems to make no difference. In fact, I had tried 
including it before.

Also, I'm finding that the {left,middle, middle, middle} parameters 
are still ignored when using the Context syntax \NC \NR, as in:

\startalign[n=4,align={left, middle, middle, middle}]
\NC aaa\NC b\NC cccc\NC d\NR
\NC a\NC bbb\NC c\NC ddd\NR

Interestingly enough, the alignment is slightly different than I get 
when using the LaTeX syntax, but I still can't get alignment to work 

Incidentally, the reason I am using the LaTeX syntax is that we are 
translating LaTeX code into Context automatically using a perl 
script, and it's therefore much easier to stick to whatever LaTeX 
code works. Basically, I just want something comparable to the array 
environment in LaTeX, which works very nicely.


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