[NTG-context] eating up &

Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Fri Jul 14 18:25:57 CEST 2006

On Jul 14, 2006, at 16:18, Mojca Miklavec wrote:

> On 7/13/06, Hans van der Meer wrote:
>> I want to do something with & in tables (making it an active column
>> separator).
> I didn't follow this discussion closely (I have to catch up with the
> mails from this week), so I might have missed the point, but does
> something like this satisfy your needs?
> \usemodule
> 	[database]
> % you can change the commands to \starttabulate or \starttable,

Thanks for trying to help, but I don't think this is the solution.
The problem arises from the construction of a private table-modules,  
not from using current Context stuff other than lowlevel macro's.

Hans van der Meer

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