[NTG-context] colored box background

Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Fri Jul 14 12:33:05 CEST 2006

Thanks, I will try the suggestions.

As for Taco's remark:

> If you really want your code to be as efficient and minimalist as
> possible, you are better of with the plain format than with ConTeXt
> in any case. Personally I prefer to optimize on complexity and
> readability of my sources instead of on machine clock cycles.

Yes, I from the old programming school (back to the sixties) and I  
like simple efficient and thus a bit minimalistic, code. Not because  
of the clock cycles (anymore) but because I believe the simplest code  
most often is the one with the least problems.
Regarding plain format: no I like what is possible in Context and am  
abhorred by the idea to have to find out all that by myself; but so  
now and then I am self-willed enough to do things "my way".

On Jul 14, 2006, at 12:13, Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Hans Hagen wrote:
>> \backgroundline[red]{...}
> As you can see, there are plenty commands even I had not heard
> about yet :-)
> Taco
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met vriendelijke groet
Hans van der Meer

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