[NTG-context] Version Numbers in Download File Names

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Jul 12 19:27:10 CEST 2006

Matthias Wächter wrote:

> So you take the official, newly released .zip file, unpack it to the
> checked out Subversion copy, and commit the changes using your name
> and the release date as commit text (no change tracking using
> information from the Release Notes or the prime version control
> system),? 

Almost correct, you missed a step:

   Take the official, newly released .zip file, unpack it,
   *generate Release Notes*, copy to checked out Subversion
   .. etc

> It's not that Context development is actually performed on
> supelec.fr, is it? 

Correct, "ConTeXt Revisions" is a museum, development takes
place at Pragma-ADE, on Hans' internal file server.

> Looks like a lot of effort (riding the horse backwards).

It is a lot of effort, although quite a bit is automated by now.

But almost everything else would mean extra work for Hans (who
does development almost single-handedly) and it would not help me
overmuch either because, in general, you cannot trust ChangeLog/
CommitLog entries :-/

Generating Release Notes and publishing to CTAN are by far the
biggest of my tasks as far as manual labour goes.

> So: Why is Context development not performed on a public SVN
> repository? 

Hans' convenience (as indicated above). Hans has an
infrastructure set up already, and that structure predates
public SVN by quite a few years. Switching would result in
a temporary loss of productivity that is hard to justify.
Especially so, since Hans is not only the lead also almost
the only developer.

> The whole release procedure would be a lot simpler then
> ... Am I too progressive asking this? ;)

Perhaps you are ;-)

>> For the 'Files' section, it could actually be retrofitted, by 
>> rearranging the uploaded files (and uploading a few hundred extra
>> zip files that are now skipped). I will happily give anybody who
>> wants to do such a project enough gforge permissions to do so ;-)
> I don't understand precisely what actions you mean. Maybe together we
> can work out a better 'Files' section.

Mostly renaming a few hunderd uploaded files using the web interface.
Not very hard in itself, but tedious and error-prone (and I simply do
not have time for it right now).

>>> Second: I tried to checkout the repository anonymously as
>>> mentioned on  https://foundry.supelec.fr/scm/?group_id=14 without
>>> success
>> That is odd, because it should have worked. I will investigate
> Thank you very much!
> Just a configuration hint (actually I don't know how much access you
> have to the various SVN config files on supelec.fr):

(Will forward this to Fabrice Popineau, thank you very much)



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