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Johan Sandblom jsandblom at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 13:52:43 CEST 2006

Looks amazing. Looking at the license it appears in fact to be free as
in speech (distributed under GPL 2 or later), which of course only
makes it more attractive!


2006/7/12, Thomas A. Schmitz <thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de>:
> As the subject line says, this is slightly OT, but it may be of
> interest to some. If you produce your presentations in ConTeXt and
> want to show the resulting pdf, you have to use a pdf-viewer. I just
> hate Adobe Reader with its bloat and its intrusiveness; other
> solutions (such as evince and xpdf on linux) had smaller problems as
> well. I have recently found a relatively small python solution that i
> like a lot; I hasten to add that I'm in no way affiliated with the
> developers; I just have installed it and use it a lot.
> It's called keyjnote; it's free (as in beer), and it offers a lot of
> nice eye-candy during presentations of pdf-files such as nice
> transitions, a sorted view that shows all slides in one window and
> lets you choose one, and the possibility to highlight parts of the
> screen with your mouse pointer. There are some disadvantages: it has
> a lot of pythonish dependencies (on OS X, I could install them via
> darwinports, but it's a lot more difficult on most linux distros), it
> needs opengl support, and a reasonably fast machine. But it costs
> nothing to just have a look at it: http://keyjnote.sourceforge.net/
> And I find that it makes presentations done in ConTeXt look even
> better! Well, if you come to Epen, you'll see yourself ;-)
> Best
> Thomas
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