[NTG-context] slightly OT: presentation tool

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Wed Jul 12 13:29:16 CEST 2006

As the subject line says, this is slightly OT, but it may be of  
interest to some. If you produce your presentations in ConTeXt and  
want to show the resulting pdf, you have to use a pdf-viewer. I just  
hate Adobe Reader with its bloat and its intrusiveness; other  
solutions (such as evince and xpdf on linux) had smaller problems as  
well. I have recently found a relatively small python solution that i  
like a lot; I hasten to add that I'm in no way affiliated with the  
developers; I just have installed it and use it a lot.

It's called keyjnote; it's free (as in beer), and it offers a lot of  
nice eye-candy during presentations of pdf-files such as nice  
transitions, a sorted view that shows all slides in one window and  
lets you choose one, and the possibility to highlight parts of the  
screen with your mouse pointer. There are some disadvantages: it has  
a lot of pythonish dependencies (on OS X, I could install them via  
darwinports, but it's a lot more difficult on most linux distros), it  
needs opengl support, and a reasonably fast machine. But it costs  
nothing to just have a look at it: http://keyjnote.sourceforge.net/  
And I find that it makes presentations done in ConTeXt look even  
better! Well, if you come to Epen, you'll see yourself ;-)



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