[NTG-context] Disappearing chapter numbers

David Arnold dwarnold45 at cox.net
Wed Jul 12 02:47:23 CEST 2006

All, We are wondering why we don't get a chapter number in our header  
in what follows. However, if we change \setupheadnumber[chapter][-1]  
\setupheadnumber[chapter][0], we do get a chapter number in the  
running head.




\def\headerskip{\hskip 1em}

	{\sc\headerskip Chapter \headnumber[chapter]\headerskip\getmarking 



\input knuth

\section{Intro to Whales}

\dorecurse{10}{\input knuth\par}

\section{Intro to Penguins}

\dorecurse{10}{\input knuth\par}


%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: conTeXt-en
%%% End:

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