[NTG-context] Placing table of contents in a frame

Saji Njarackalazhikam Hameed saji at hawaii.edu
Sat Jul 8 09:13:04 CEST 2006


I am also trying to do a similar project. My way not be a good one, but
here is how I am trying to do it.

  Basically, I use columnsets (see manual columns.pdf from PRAGMA) to
typeset my newsletter. I am using a 3 column layout and want a column
containing the "Table of Contents" on the right side (3rd column).

  \setupcolumnsetlines[example][1][3][-50] % From Page 1, Column 3, 
					 % remove 50 lines
					 % I will put the TOC on 
					 % Column 3


  \input Newsletter_Final




> I'm trying to move a newsletter from a DTP program to ConTeXt. In this 
> layout we have a blue column on the left side of the page with a table 
> of contents. I played around with the framed command and layers, but 
> did not find a way to put the TOC in a frame at a specific location.

> What would be a ConTeXt way of doing this?

> Regards,

> Frank

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