[NTG-context] MyriadPro?

Michal Kvasnicka quasar at econ.muni.cz
Fri Jul 7 18:27:27 CEST 2006

Good evening.

I tried to use MyriadPro font (associated with Linux version of 
AdobeReader 7.x). First I've converted it to .afm/.pfb through FontForge 
(with default setting since I don't know how to use it). Then I've 
generated metrics and the rest TeX stuff with texfont---I've used lm-ec 
encoding. (I know that this way I loose all those wonderful features of 
Profi fonts---I don't care, I simply like basic look of the font.) All 
worked well in ConTeXt---until I found that Czech letters (those with 
acutes and carons and rings) are present only in the Regular font, not 
in the Bold and Italic. Can you explain me 1) how is it possible, and 2) 
how to use this font to typeset Czech documents (i.e. to get a full 
ec-encoded fonts from it)? Can I expect the same kind of problems with 
MinionPro as well?

Many thanks for your answers. I wish you nice summer.
Michal Kvasnicka

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