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Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Mon Jul 3 13:07:46 CEST 2006

On Jun 29, 2006, at 17:16, Hans van der Meer wrote:

> On Jun 29, 2006, at 13:53, Hans Hagen wrote:
>>> Thanks. I installed it and it works. Witness the examples below.
>>> Will this be installed in next ConTeXt versions? I would be  
>>> grateful.
>>> One question of naming:
>>> 	I think "none" is a better descriptive name then "disable"
>> other keywords are already taken
> A pity, but I think one could live with that.
>  From your reply I infer that the next ConTeXt release will contain
> this option.
> If not expressis verbis denied, I will count on it.

I am afraid I was too optimistic here.

1. the keyword "disable" seems already been taken in relation to  
\blanksdisabletrue in core-spa.tex. I changed it to the unused   
"disabled" in order to experiment without interference.

2. the solution given by Taco was:
% added (Taco Hoekwater 2006-06-28)
{\appendtoks \raggedright \parfillskip\zeropoint
There must be another interference here, because surprisingly this  
silently changes the default alignment in vertical sense to "high".  
The code below shows it in the leftmost box, that I added to the  
previous examples that Hans Hagen has sent back.

3. Alignment in these examples is not correct. I add some \hfil's to  
show that. In the combination {disable,lohi} somehow the horizontal  
alignment change from the disable is killed by the lohi. The order  
{lohi,disabled} or {disabled,lohi} has no effect. I looked into cor- 
spa.tex but could not figure out how setting top and bottom vglue  
could re-enable the old parfillskip value. I did add the parfillskip= 
\zeropoint code to lohi/high/low but could not get a good result.

Do you mind looking further into this? It would be much nicer if  
horizontal and vertical alignment could behave orthogonal to each  
other, instead of having some seemingly complex interdepency.


Hans van der Meer

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