[NTG-context] [tex-live] man page for mptopdf

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jul 2 14:02:29 CEST 2006

Hi Werner
> can you provide a man page (which I favour) or any other documentation
> for mptopdf in TeXLive?
hm, i occasionally use manpages (but more often print manuals) of 
progs;  i must admit that i don't even know how to make man pages

the problem is that once i start writing man pages (that i don;t use 
myself) others will ask for windows or mac help files ... i'd rather 
spend time on the manuals themselves
> In general, I would like to see man pages for *all* binaries included
> into TeXLive...
i happily leave that to users; technically it should be possible to process a manual source (to say mptopdf) so that it produces a man page but not all manuals have the same structure (which means that i'd have to write additional styles); maybe 

 pdftotext somemanual.pdf somemanual.man 

is enough. 

As said, i happily leave creating man pages to users so I cc to the context list.  


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