[NTG-context] minor console file queries

Alan Bowen acbowen at Princeton.EDU
Sat Jul 1 16:54:39 CEST 2006

I processed a file using texmfstart texexec. In the console file, I  
see the lines

check           : missing or ungrouped '=' after 'location' in line  
106 (@@td)


 > User file 'cont-sys.tex' not found, 'cont-sys.rme' has been used  
instead. <

• Where do I check for the missing or ungrouped `='?
The problem does not appear to be in my source file or in my  
environment file.

• Is ConTeXt looking for a 'cont-sys.tex' in my own ~/Library/texmf  

Neither issue seems to have any impact on the output. So I am just
asking out of curiosity.

Cheers, Alan

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