[NTG-context] Greek hyphenation patterns

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Fri Jun 30 09:14:20 CEST 2006

On Jun 30, 2006, at 12:06 AM, Hans Hagen wrote:

> Hi Peter
>> I recently posted a Perl script to the xetex mailing list that should
>> perform the conversion to utf-8 correctly.  I would be happy to  
>> modify
>> the script to make the output more useful to Context users, but I  
>> don't
>> use Context myself.  Feedback is welcome.
> i leave that to the ones using greek ... we only need the conversion
> rules; adding them to the relevant section of ctxtools is then no  
> bug deal
>> The essential problem with the patterns shipped with Context is  
>> that it
>> is the result of a simple conversion, but the hyphenation rules in  
>> Greek
>> are based on the definition of vowels and consonants, which  
>> changes in
>> utf-8.  The original 8-bit patterns of Dimitrios Filippou depend  
>> on the
>> fact that in the Babel encoding accents come before the vowel (except
>> for iota subscript), whereas in Unicode they are either combined with
>> the vowel or come after it, depending on whether you use precomposed
>> characters or not.
> hm, so those original patterns were latex dependent ... even more  
> reason
> to ship patterns with context; of course bugs need to be fixed, (or  
> if i
> uderstand, extended with the additional combinations)
> Hans

Peter, Hans,

thanks for looking into this. I had realized something was fishy with  
the ConTeXt converted patterns, so I'd be extremely grateful if we  
could have a corrected version. Hans: do we need the actual  
conversion rules, or would it be enough if Peter or I included the  
actual patterns into lang-agr.hyp? That may be faster and less work  
for you.



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