[NTG-context] I think that I need professional help... :-)

Thomas Moore tmoore at pomona.edu
Thu Jun 29 17:38:37 CEST 2006

I have been looking at what I have left to accomplish before my  
classes begin in the fall, and I am realizing that I am running out  
of time that I can afford to spend learning more about ConTeXt.  
However, I would really like to give ConTeXt a fair shake, because I  
believe that it might be what I need for the future. I would also  
like to take Hans's good advice about setting up some basic page  
layouts and then working on the structure of my book in the process  
of converting it.

But before I commit to the conversion, however, I need to know for  
certain that ConTeXt can handle the page layouts that I need. I need  
to duplicate (at least roughly) the three major page layouts that  
appear in my published text "Six Ideas That Shaped Physics":  a two- 
page spread that opens each chapter, the chapter body style, and a  
two-column layout for homework problems at the end of the chapter. In  
the thread entitled "Newbie questions" on this list, I have been  
attempting to address the second of these three layouts. That layout  
is almost done, except for finding a workaround for a possible bug,  
and the others should be somewhat easier, though still will involve  
some work.

I think that I can spring loose up to a few hundred dollars from my  
departmental budget to pay a consultant to help me finish setting up  
these page layouts so that I can focus on the writing issues.

Would anyone on the list be interested in being hired to work on  
these layouts? If so, please contact me off-list, and I will describe  
the layouts I need in more detail and ask for a bid.

Thanks for any interest,

Thomas Moore

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