[NTG-context] Newbie questions

Thomas Moore tmoore at pomona.edu
Thu Jun 29 17:02:15 CEST 2006

Dear Hans:

> it's a stepwise process
> - first set up a basic page style (next time in a big bookshop i'll  
> take a look at the series) and set up a font; that way you get an  
> idea how well things will fit
> - then develop the structure + associated style mapping while  
> writing (or converting)
> ask yourself:
> - do i need to render this differently
> - do i get the feeling that i enter too much code
> if so, then add structure
> This is how context itself evolved (after all, it was written in an  
> educational context where structure, reuse etc is important). Just  
> don't try to make up the style at the beginning, polishing it every  
> now and then is a nice distraction.
> Also, using metapost for the graphics is fun in itself (and may  
> save you lots of time).

Thanks for the very thoughtful advice!

Best wishes,


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