[NTG-context] framed and align=no

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jun 29 00:21:19 CEST 2006

Hans van der Meer wrote:
> I seem to have a problem with alignment in \framed; these are small 
> examples with there outcome:
> \leftaligned{\framed[width=4cm,align=no]{xyz} "no" comes out to the left}
> \leftaligned{\framed[width=4cm,align=no]{\hfil xyz} "no" comes out in 
> the middle}
> \leftaligned{\framed[width=4cm,align=middle]{\hfil xyz} "middle" comes 
> out to the right}
> \leftaligned{\framed[width=4cm,align=right]{\hfil xyz} "right" comes 
> out in the middle}
> \leftaligned{\framed[width=4cm,align=right]{xyz} "right" comes out to 
> the left}
> I get the impression that although "align=no",� there still is a \hfil 
> put in at the right.

no means ragged (i.e. no justification)

best investigate this with paragraphs:

\framed[width=4cm,align=no]{\input tufte }
\framed[width=4cm,align=no]{\hfil \input tufte }
\framed[width=4cm,align=middle]{\hfil \input tufte }
\framed[width=4cm,align=right]{\hfil \input tufte }
\framed[width=4cm,align=right]{\input tufte }

the last line gets a parfillskip which is why you see  interference with 
your hfil's ('use hfill or hfilll ro be sure), compare:

\hsize 10cm

\hfil xyz

\input tufte


\hfil xyz

\input tufte


> Searched through the sources, especially core-rule.tex but could not 
> find the right place; it is fairly complicated code, isn't it?
> Using \hfill to force the alignment is not an option, because I need 
> that for overriding the alignment when using these alignments in macros.
> I would like very much to have "align=no" putting no glue, neither to 
> the right nor to the left, thus making it different from "align=right".
> If I am right:
> 1. can someone point me to the point in the source where I can change 
> things for the moment?
> 2. will this be changed then in the next release?
no, it would break many things (proper alignment of multi line 
paragraphs to start with)

I can imagine an extension:

\framed[width=4cm,align=no]{\hfil xxx}

\framed[width=4cm,align=no]{\parfillskip0pt\hfil xxx\endgraf}

\unprotected \setvalue{\@@ragged@@command abc}%

\framed[width=4cm,align=abc]{\hfil xxx}

but i don't know what keyword to use


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