[NTG-context] Still font issues with I-Installer Mac OSX

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Jun 28 23:24:33 CEST 2006

Frank wrote:
> My guess is that some files are missing from map/pdftex and it then uses 
> map/dvips as a fallback. It would be interesting to know what you have 
> on your system in map/pdftex

lots and lots of map files ;-)

8r-base.map           el-public-lm.map 
original-context-symbol.map       original-public-plr.map    qx-base.map 
8r-urw-urwgothic.map  original-adobe-euro.map  original-dummy.map 
          original-public-vnr.map    qx-os-public-lm.map 
ec-base.map           original-ams-base.map    original-empty.map 
          original-vogel-symbol.map  qx-public-lm.map 
ec-os-public-lm.map   original-ams-cmr.map 
original-micropress-informal.map  original-wasy.map          t5-base.map 
ec-public-lm.map      original-ams-euler.map   original-public-csr.map 
          original-youngryu-px.map   t5-os-public-lm.map
ec-urw-urwgothic.map  original-base.map        original-public-lm.map 
          original-youngryu-tx.map   t5-public-lm.map

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