[NTG-context] framed and align=no

Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Wed Jun 28 17:16:09 CEST 2006

I seem to have a problem with alignment in \framed; these are small  
examples with there outcome:

\leftaligned{\framed[width=4cm,align=no]{xyz} "no" comes out to the  
\leftaligned{\framed[width=4cm,align=no]{\hfil xyz} "no" comes out in  
the middle}
\leftaligned{\framed[width=4cm,align=middle]{\hfil xyz} "middle"  
comes out to the right}
\leftaligned{\framed[width=4cm,align=right]{\hfil xyz} "right" comes  
out in the middle}
\leftaligned{\framed[width=4cm,align=right]{xyz} "right" comes out to  
the left}

I get the impression that although "align=no",  there still is a  
\hfil put in at the right.

Searched through the sources, especially core-rule.tex but could not  
find the right place; it is fairly complicated code, isn't it?
Using \hfill to force the alignment is not an option, because I need  
that for overriding the alignment when using these alignments in macros.

I would like very much to have "align=no" putting no glue, neither to  
the right nor to the left, thus making it different from "align=right".
If I am right:
1. can someone point me to the point in the source where I can change  
things for the moment?
2. will this be changed then in the next release?

Hans van der Meer

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