[NTG-context] arab (omega)

Idris Samawi Hamid ishamid at colostate.edu
Mon Jun 26 22:14:05 CEST 2006

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 01:56:03 -0600, Duncan Hothersall <dh at capdm.com> wrote:

> I'm very grateful for all the effort on this. I had some trouble
> installing the new ConTeXt beta to test it at the weekend and spent most
> of Sunday trying to understand why... But at least I am now in a
> position to be a tester of the new filter sequences together with the
> new beta.

Well, I'm still using an old context myself so it does not matter for the  

  My revised test files are again at
> http://www.capdm.com/public/context/figtest.tex
> and
> http://www.capdm.com/public/context/figtest.pdf

Does not work here; can't download the pdf...

> Idris, I pasted your maths stuff into the preamble and the test content
> as well;

That was Hans' guidance at work:-)

> is this what you expected to see from your test? I wasn't sure,
> but it looks good to me.

Can you send me the pdf file directly? Anyway, omarb needs an  
Arabic-script decimal or else map the Arabic comma to it in math mode.

The very best

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