[NTG-context] arab (omega)

Idris Samawi Hamid ishamid at colostate.edu
Sat Jun 24 19:25:37 CEST 2006

I found the problem:

In uni2cuni.otp the numbering handling does two things:

It DOES isolate non-numerals as separators within a given expression. So  
placing an Arabic letter between two numbers


processes fine; each individual number gets reversed.

But the otp makes exceptions for the following punctuation:

+ - .

If we get rid of those exceptions the separator problem will go away. But  
then math will be messed up. The problem is that the

+ - .

are ambiguous; sometimes they have a mathematical significance; sometimes  
a separator significance. We need the exception for math (generally done  
the usual l-r way) but don't need it for separators (done in the r-l way).

What I could do is define two filter sequences: UTFArabic and  
UTFArabicMath. Hans, could you do a conditional that calls up one in math  
mode and the other everywhere else?

This is a stop-gap solution until we replace otp's with something smarter.  
Taco, Hans, let me know what you think before I work on this.

It is really inefficient to have to define an entire ot stack just to  
change one otp. There must be a better way to abtract things so we can  
plug a given otp without redoing the entire stack.


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Department of Philosophy
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