[NTG-context] Newbie questions

Thomas Moore tmoore at pomona.edu
Sat Jun 24 18:52:27 CEST 2006

Dear Mojca:

>> ...it permanently so that I can invoke it in all my documents? I was
>> unable to find instructions in the ConTexT garden for this, and what
>> I could find on the archives was not helpful (something about
>> "running mktexlsr" and/or "texhash" that I have don't know how to do
>> in OS X, and would be afraid to do without instructions anyway for
>> fear of screwing up my TeX distribution).
> You can put the file to any location where TeX can find it. For
> example if the file context.tex is located under
>     [somepath]/texmf[-local]/tex/context/base/context.tex
> you might put the file to
>     [somepath]/texmf[-local]/tex/context/third/t-amsl.tex
> (but basically any location under "texmf" would do).
> ... and then run mktexlsr without any additinal arguments.
> You cannot screw up your TeX distribution by running mktexlsr or
> texhash: they're only meant to refresh the database (to know which
> file is where). Either of the commands should be present on your
> distribution I believe (most probably mktxlsr).
> Mojca

Thanks. The previous response on the list solved this particular  
problem, but for future reference, how do I "run" mktexlsr? from the  
OS X Terminal? I have never used that before, so I would need pretty  
basic instructions (e.g. would I have tell the Terminal where to find  

I appreciate your help!  Tom

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