[NTG-context] Newbie questions

Thomas Moore tmoore at pomona.edu
Sat Jun 24 16:56:54 CEST 2006

I am new to ConTexT and TeX (thinking about migrating from InDesign).  
I am using TexShop and the teTeX distribution on Mac OS X 10.4.

I have two questions that I cannot seem to answer after studying the  
manuals and the archives.

1.  I have successfully set up a doublesided layout that has a text  
column and an outer margin for margin notes and some small figures. I  
would like to set up a header that has the chapter number and name  
(e.g.  "3. Third Chapter Name") on the inner edge of the text column,  
and the page number aligned with the *outer* edge of the margin and a  
1-pt rule below the entire header (from below the chapter number to  
below the page number). How would one do this elegantly (or even  

2.  I would like the math environment to be as close to the LaTeX AMS  
environment as possible. I have figured out how to download the t- 
amsl module and can successfully invoke it as long as the t-amsl.tex  
file is in the same folder as my document files. But how do I install  
it permanently so that I can invoke it in all my documents? I was  
unable to find instructions in the ConTexT garden for this, and what  
I could find on the archives was not helpful (something about  
"running mktexlsr" and/or "texhash" that I have don't know how to do  
in OS X, and would be afraid to do without instructions anyway for  
fear of screwing up my TeX distribution).

Thanks for any help, and sorry if the questions are stupid.  Tom Moore

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