[NTG-context] t-bib and hyperlinkded references?

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Wed Jun 21 00:18:44 CEST 2006

Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Johannes Graumann wrote:
>> I run across three problems:
>> 1) with my setup (XML mapped into ConTeXt convolution) the links from
>> citations exists, but don't point to the right pages in the chapter
>> specific bibliographies - at least after a single texexec run. Another
>> run is necessary and everything seems all right.
> I expected that. I'm not sure how to explain to texexec that the
> module needs another TeX run to resolved the secondary references.
> Will talk to Hans about that.
Not a biggie ... I can deal for now.

>> 2) While the linking works for the 'authoryears' citation style, I don't
>> get any hyperlinks from plain 'authoryear' formated references as well as
>> for
> For authoryear, you need a separate \setupcite[authoryear][compress=no]
> because the single-argument \setupcite only works for the default type.
> Is that the problem (it works for me)?

>> the custom-defined 'authoryearx' ones that go as follows:
>> \setupcite
>>     [authoryearx]
> This new defn should do it (untested):
>    % Enable 'authoryearx' citation
>    \def\bibauthoryearxref[#1]%
>      {\ixbibauthoryear{#1}%
>        {\bibmaybeinteractive{#1}{{\currentbibauthor}%
>         \bibalternative\c!inbetween
>         \bibalternative\v!left
>         {\currentbibyear}%
>         \bibalternative\v!right}}
>        {\bibalternative\c!pubsep
>         \bibmaybeinteractive{#1}{{\currentbibauthor}%
>         \bibalternative\c!inbetween
>         \bibalternative\v!left
>         {\currentbibyear}%
>         \bibalternative\v!right}}
>        {\bibalternative\c!lastpubsep
>         \bibmaybeinteractive{#1}{{\currentbibauthor}%
>         \bibalternative\c!inbetween
>         \bibalternative\v!left
>         {\currentbibyear}%
>         \bibalternative\v!right}}}
This produces the following error:
Runaway argument?
klose:75,ofarrell:75]\else \processcommalist [authoryearx]\docitation \ETC.
! File ended while scanning use of \bibauthoryearxref.
<inserted text>
<to be read again>
\dodoreadfile ...\preprocesssuffix \or \fi \relax
                                                  \the \everyafterreadfile
\processXMLfilegrouped ...bleXML \processfile {#1}
                                                  \relax \ifmmode \else
l.65     <include file="../XML/intro.xml"/>

I've been unable to pin down where there might be a missing brace ...

> I'll implement some interaction controls for \cite/\setupcite tomorrow,
> since that is the easiest way out. So: new version tomorrow.

Thanks, Taco!


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