[NTG-context] t-bib and hyperlinkded references?

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Tue Jun 20 20:42:40 CEST 2006

Sorry ... missing some info here ...

Johannes Graumann wrote:

> Taco Hoekwater wrote:
>> I've just uploaded a new beta to the modules section at contextgarden.
>> It took me much longer than I had anticipated, mainly because there
>> was a massive bug in the per-chapter bibliography code: it generated
>> duplicate named references for all but the simplest of documents.
>> I hope to have the bug fixed now, and interaction working as it should.
>> There is only one limitation, and that will stay: you cannot have
>> hyperlinks while \setupcite[compress=yes] is in effect.
> Thanks Taco!
> I run across three problems:
> 1) with my setup (XML mapped into ConTeXt convolution) the links from
> citations exists, but don't point to the right pages in the chapter
> specific bibliographies - at least after a single texexec run. Another run
> is necessary and everything seems all right.
> 2) While the linking works for the 'authoryears' citation style, I don't
> get any hyperlinks from plain 'authoryear' formated references as well as
> for the custom-defined 'authoryearx' ones that go as follows:
% Enable 'authoryearx' citation call (see below) - Thanks to Taco Hoekwater!
      \bibalternative\v!left  {\currentbibyear}\bibalternative\v!right}
      \bibalternative\v!left  {\currentbibyear}\bibalternative\v!right}
> \setupcite 
>     [authoryearx]
>     [\c!andtext={ and },
>      \c!otherstext={ et al.},
>      \c!pubsep={; },
>      \c!lastpubsep={; and },
>      \c!compress=\v!no,
>      \c!inbetween={~},
>      \c!left={},
>      \c!right={}]
> 3) The structure of my document looks as follows
>         Acknowledgments
>         Abstract
>         TOC
>         LOF
>         LOT
>         Introduction (chapter with chapter-specific bibliography) ...
> I cited some references in the Abstract, which my proofreader wanted to
> have listed in the chapter-specific bibliography of the "introduction"
> chapter, which I accomplished by re-citing the stuff in the respective
> chapter using 'nocite'. Naturally, links in the 'Abstract' don't have
> anywhere to point to and the citations appear empty. Do you have any idea
> how to overcome that? I'd be already happy if I could override the linking
> behavior for the handfull of references in the abstract - meaning: have
> hyperlinked references everywhere in the document BUT the abstract.
> Joh

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