[NTG-context] Bibliography: Cite by author with (co)author index and page number

Tobias Burnus burnus at net-b.de
Mon Jun 19 16:38:41 CEST 2006


I saw the following nice feature in a book, which I also like to use for
a longer work. The author uses a cite by author style (Sharma, 1979) and
in the citation index:

   Nobody, N. B. and N. N. Nonomens, J. Improper Sci. 12, 199 (2007). 5
   Nonomens, N. N., See Sharma, R. R; Nobody, N. B.
   Sharma R.R and N. N. Nonomens, Phys. Rev. B19, 2813 (1979).  320,
323, 330

where the last numbers are the pages on which one has cited the item.
That way one automatically creates an index of persons, one cites.

One could even link the page numbers to the referrering page.


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