[NTG-context] Undefined control sequence.

Bernd Militzer bernd at militzer.net
Sat Jun 17 11:57:28 CEST 2006


for a large project I defined names for a lot of persons like

\global\def\PIDacht{Militzer, Hermann Paul (8)}
\global\def\PIDeinsacht{Militzer, Johann Wilhelm Hermann (16)}
\global\def\PIDdreidrei{Militzer, Henriette (33)}
\global\def\PIDachtviervieracht{Militzer, Adam (8448)}

is ok


\section[UkPID8A]{\PIDacht\ -- Allgemein}
does not work!

I get:
(./FamMilitzerUrkunden.tuo) (./FamMilitzerUrkunden.tuo
! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> \PIDacht
                    \ -- Allgemein
\sanitizePDFdocencoding ...docencoding \edef #2{#1
\doPDFinsertbookmark ...oding #3\to \bookmarktext
<argument> \flushbookmark
                          \dodoputbookmarkelement {\v!
section }{3}{2}{\PIDei...
\secondoftwoarguments #1#2->#2
l.14 ...sacht \ -- Geburt}{1::0:0:2:0:0:0:0::1}{7}
! Emergency stop.

What is wrong?


Bernd Militzer

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