[NTG-context] horizontal space

Matthias Schleiff Matthen at gmx.net
Mon Jun 12 14:31:31 CEST 2006


I'm a newbe to ConTeXt but have allready done some documents in LaTeX. Want to switch to ConTeXt.

There's something that I neither find in the manuals nor at contextgarden. Maybe you could help?!

To realize my micro-typographic needs I'm using LaTeX-commands for defined, possibly non-breakable, horizontal spaces. Those are \, \enspace \quad and \hspace{0.25em} or \hspace*{0.125em}.
Now when testing with contextlive @ contextgarden the commands \, \enspace \quad seem to work. Are they plainTeX? But what about \hspace ?

It would be cool to have something like \hspace*{0.125em} in ConTeXt.
Is there something like it or a way to make it work or to define it on my own?

Any suggestions might be helpfull
Best regards, Matthias

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