[NTG-context] backgroundcolor broken in 2006-06-07

Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Sat Jun 10 16:57:18 CEST 2006


Thanks for looking into. I would have responded earlier but our  
server was out of the air)
This is a stripped down version without all the files for  
demonstration, because too big to be send at once.
But the observations are clear now.

I have made a minimal example and done some variations. See file  
test.tex and testfig.tex
1. including my own metapost macroset for Label (custom.mp)
	gives different results for \forceMPTEXgraphictrue --  
	undefined as label for true, unknown as label for false
2. draw textext gives in both cases label undefined.

I did an extensive series of experiments and nailed the problem into  
the context base files in the change from 2006-05-28 to 2006-06-07.
What I did was:
1. back to version 2006-05-28
	changed metafun.mem to an earlier generated one
	set \forceMPTEXgraphictrue in cont-sys.tex
	generated formats
	typesetting ok
2. generated metafun.mem afresh with texmfstart texexec --make alone  
	typesetting ok
3. changed the ruby scripts over to the 2006-06-07 ones.
	typesetting ok
4. changed the context base files in tex/context/base to their  
2006-06-07 ones
	did texhash
	did texmfstart texexec --make en nl
	checked format versions
	typesetting not ok
	Now many things having to do with metapost go wrong, among these:  
textext, (inline) textbackground.
5. move out the context base files in tex/context/base of 2006-06-07
	regenerate formats
	typesetting ok again

I do not know why this does occur on my MacOSX system and obviously  
not on other systems.
But the effect is demonstrably their.
Could it be something in the communication between TeX and Metapost?
Or something related end-of-line stuff?

file test.tex:
\input testfig
\placefigure[][fig:figtest]{Test figure}{\useMPgraphic{testfig} 

file testfig.tex:

	w = \MPvar{width};
	h = \MPvar{height};
	% framing figure
	pickup pensquare scaled 2pt;
	draw origin -- (w,0) -- (w,h) -- (0,h) -- cycle;

	% With these two statements the output = test1.pdf resultant label:  
%	\input custom.mp
%	Label("TEXTEXT", (w/2,h/2)) withcolor red;
% alas, these files could not be included

	% With this statement the output = test2.pdf resultant label: undefined
	draw textext("TEXTEXT") shifted (w/2,h/2);


On Jun 10, 2006, at 9:10, Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Hans van der Meer wrote:
>> This turns out to be a disaster for me.
>> Now all textext again comes out as "unknown".
>> Setting \forceMPTEXgraphictrue makes things worse, because now all
>> graphics are replaced by the first one generated.
>> Is there any help?
> Can you send me the complete output of your run, and the current
> contents of cont-sys.tex? (for debugging purposes)
> Taco
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met vriendelijke groet
Hans van der Meer

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