[NTG-context] ec encoding and tcaron

Richard Gabriel rgabriel at kerio.com
Fri Jun 9 12:33:42 CEST 2006

Hello Michal, 

I'm sure the EC encoding contains the 'tcaron' character (see the lm-ec.enc file for example).
I have ConTeXt on top of TeXLive 2005.
I can find:

I use EC normally for typesetting Czech documents. So I would suggest to use EC ;-)



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Subject: [NTG-context] ec encoding and tcaron

Dear friends,
  I apologize that I ask the same question that had been asked a year ago 
  but I can't find in the archive the definite solution.
  I want to use new fonts in the ConTeXt to typeset the Czech documents. 
  TeXFont seems to be the best way to prepare metrics. EC encoding seems 
  to be the standard ConTeXt encoding. But it doesn't include tcaron 
  (well, this is true at least for EC.enc on my teTeX 3.0 under the SuSE 
  Linux 10.0 with the latest ConTeXt from May 28). (In the Czech the lower 
  case of Tcaron looks like tqouteright but nowadays most AFM files call 
  it tcaron).  Other glyphs may miss as well (I might not notice since I 
  suspect that ConTeXt replaces missing letter with composites, e.g. 
  Ecaron with \v{E}).
  So, what is the standard way I should use? I can use ec-lm.enc but is it 
  the right way? (Moreover, it seems there is no information for 
  ligatures.) I could try to use il2, but is the right way? And I had some 
  problems with xl2.enc used formerly for il2-encoded fonts.
  So, what was decided to be the right encoding for the ConTeXt? (Is the 
  answer the same for the Czech typesetters?)
  And one more question: Does anybody have the enc file that would make 
  the TeXFont to generate metrics for il2-encoded fonts for the use with 
  csplain (the Czech version of plainTeX)?
  Sincerely yours
  Michal Kvasnicka
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