[NTG-context] Question regarding context's module defintion

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jun 9 08:52:51 CEST 2006

Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> Are users supposed to use %D kind of remarks to comment their own 
> environment files? I am finding it a bit strange to work with. Does 
well, it has been so for a long time; originally there were also %S 
lines for the formal command definitions

anyhow, the %D is used to signal text that wil be typeset in a 
'documentation run'

in the editor that i use, i can remove/add %D's on a selection, so it's 
no real burden
> one have to leave a blank line after a %D line for that line to 
> appear?
no, but it's just that i like a spacy layout; if it does not work, then 
there is a bug in ctxtools
> Consider the test file
> %D \module
> %D  [file=test.tex,
> %D   version=0.0,
> %D   title=Test File,
> %D   subtitle=Blah blah,
> %D   author=Aditya Mahajan,
> %D   date=\currentdate]
> %D Explaination for the next macro does not work
> \def\test{test}
> %D \macros{test}
> %D Neither does this.
> \def\test{test}
> %D Leaving a blank space also works
> \def\test{test}
> -----------------------
> and look at the output of texmfstart texexec --modules test.tex. Why 
> are the first two macro definitions not in the pdf?

in ctxtools.rb, locate:

                                    inlocaldocument = indocument
                                    inlocaldocument = false # else first 
line skipped when not empty

please test all kind of variants (there most have been a reason for 
this, so it may as well be a bug related to translating from perl to ruby)


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