[NTG-context] Angle braces?

Steven Robertson steven.robertson at pacific.net.au
Wed Jun 7 09:35:05 CEST 2006


Annoyingly simple question -- apologies -- but I'm having no luck from
the web. The ConTeXt wiki isn't turning up anything, and the pragma site
seems to be broken, so I can't access the ConTeXt manual. So:

What are the commands in ConTeXt to get angled braces, i.e. `<' and '>'?
I've got is \langle and \rangle respectively, but these aren't resulting
in output -- the dvi has nothing where they should be - "foo bar foo"
instead of "foo <bar> foo". Using the braces themselves, eg

foo <bar> foo

gives me upside-down exclamation and question marks, for left and right
braces respectively.

Thanks for any help.


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