[NTG-context] MPinclusions strangeness with labels

Jean Magnan de Bornier jm.bornier at free.fr
Tue Jun 6 17:11:29 CEST 2006

Le 06 juin à 16:02:01 "Mojca Miklavec" <mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com>

| On 6/6/06, Jean Magnan de Bornier wrote:
| > Now what happens? The label in the mp file "Costs, prices" is replaced by
| > "unknown" in the pdf. But if I add a label in the startuseMPgraphic
| > environment, (decommenting line 3 in it), then both labels appear!!
| >
| > I tried several other files, it seems to happen every time.
| > Anything I'm doing wrong?
| > tia
| In addition to Aditya's comments.
| OK, aliens at work! I tried to compile your documents in order to
| experiement a bit
| (\forceMPTEXcheck{nameofsomecommandtobecheckedfortextextpresence}
| might help in such cases as well), but now I don't understand why the
| example DOES work here without any modifiction. It seems to me that
| Hans debugged that part of ConTeXt even better than I thought :).
| So just a few guidelines: it might help(*) if you have a ConTeXt
| version that is not more than 1 month old and if you run ConTeXt with
| "texmfstart" (texexec should resolve to "texmfstart texexec.rb"). If
| you don't know how to do that, ask again (tell which distribution and
| OS you're using). Perhaps we should put that info right on the top of
| the first wiki page.
| (*) read: you have to

Well, sorry I forgot to say about my installation; actually I have an uptodate
one, less than 10 days, last metapost, and using "texmfstart texexec" all
right (I found a script for that on the list with this line:
"ruby <path to ruby dir>/texmfstart.rb $*").

Then again there has to be something different with your installation...

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