[NTG-context] Fonts problem

Renaud AUBIN aubin at nibua-r.org
Wed May 31 15:50:38 CEST 2006

There is apparently a big problem in your installation but you already
known that... I have not used
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/TeTeX_3.0_installation since I use debian
(apt-get rules). Consequently, we are on the bounds of my knowledge on
this problem...
I assume you need LaTeX (like me :( ), if this is wrong, you'd better
use the standalone ConTeXt for linux.
If you are on debian, I know that
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Debian_installation works very well (+some
tricks with updmap to use t1 fonts)...

Reinstallation is the worst case, so maybe a ConTeXt guru can help...

Jean Magnan de Bornier a écrit :

>Le 31 mai à 14:30:33 Jean Magnan de Bornier <jm.bornier at free.fr> écrit notamment:
>| but with the pdf option I get something unexpected:
>And here's what texexec says about that:
>Warning: pdfetex (file /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf-local/fonts/map/dvipdfm/con
>text/original-base.map): invalid entry for `fmvr8x': font file missing
>Same message for:
> `xycmat11' `xycmbt11' `xyeuat11' `xyeubt11' `xycmat12' `xycmbt12'
> `xyeuat12' `xyeubt12'
>Also missing, from /original-ams-base.map):  `lcircle10' `lcirclew10'
>Also missing, from `cmbsy6' `cmbsy8' `cmbsy9' `cmex7' `cmex8' `cmex9'
>`cmmib6' `cmmib8' `cmmib9'
>So, what could/should I do? (you have noticed I understand nothing to
>fonts, haven't you?)

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