[NTG-context] notes on columnset typesetting (not only about)

Vit Zyka vit.zyka at seznam.cz
Sat May 27 17:14:11 CEST 2006

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Vit Zyka wrote:
>> Firstly, let us show some examples:
>> - transparency frames
>>    ftp://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/pub/cmp/users/zyka/vg-ex/vg05-ex-body1.pdf
>> - two columnsets + marginals + figures + balancing
>>    ftp://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/pub/cmp/users/zyka/vg-ex/vg05-ex-body2.pdf
>> - two columnsets + page float
>>    ftp://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/pub/cmp/users/zyka/vg-ex/vg05-ex-body3.pdf
>> - three columnsets + floats
>>    ftp://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/pub/cmp/users/zyka/vg-ex/vg05-ex-encyk.pdf
>> - content
>>    ftp://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/pub/cmp/users/zyka/vg-ex/vg05-ex-content.pdf
>> - index
>>    ftp://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/pub/cmp/users/zyka/vg-ex/vg05-ex-index.pdf
> nice; how about an article on such a project for the maps/tugboat

hmmm, I will think about it. But in the summer time I want to spent my 
spare time by beginners manual translation...

>> Comments:
>>  > grid
>>    ? if we want to do avoiding orphans and widows automatically,
>>      we would probably need the glue with DISCRETE STEP of
>>      stretch/shrink.
>>      Then we can say e.g.
>>        \let\bl=\baselineskip
>>        \setuphead
>>          [section]
>>          [before=\vskip1\bl plus1\bl withstep1\bl]
>>      to get vertical space before section head exactly 1 OR 2
>>      \baselineskip height.
>>      Another solution with stepwise box:
>>        \vbox to2\bl plus2\bl withstep1\bl{\vfil heading \vfil}
> hm, worth investigating but maybe wait for what pdftex will bring some 
> day soon

you mean things about lua?

>>    ! the only problem was in the table of contents + columns;
>>      from the first line there was a small shift between columns;
>>      perhaps \splittopskip? but setting it to large enough value
>>      does not solve it.
> could be; actually i wish i'd set topskip to strutheight by default 
> which would make life way easier

perhaps; but imagine different strutheight in different columns (each 
column top line contains different font size - in the content it can be 
very frequent if each head level is typeset with diferent size); what about
   \setupcolumns[topskip=dimen|font] if font is given, dimen is calc

>>      after Hans improvement seems that some floats soes not dissappered 
>> now, but need to be carefull
> i think that indeed some floats get lost bugs were solved but it's 
> always a bit tricky with left-overs
>>    + floats insertion with specifying place
>>      ? for top float: automatically setting \placeongrid[{broad,high}]
>>        for bottom float \placeongrid[{broad,low}]
>>        to be vertically align with text on the rest of column(s)
> there is some control possible, so remind me when you need it again 
> (\OTRSETprepareforcolumnslot permits log/middle/high handling but it's 
> not keyword driven (yet)


>>    * balancing: only manually by setting:
>> \setupcolumnsetlines[columnset_id][columnset_page][column][line]
>>      ! Not so painful if it not occures next: If there are many
>> floats near balancing place they sometimes disappear or cause ignoring
>> balancing - even if they can fit on the place.
>>      ? understand that automatical balancing with floats is extremly 
>> difficult
> indeed
>>    * page floats: big improvements during the work.
>>      ! running marginal text continue through the page with only float
>>      = so you have to manually insert blank vertical margin on such place
>>    * header & footers: Hans did a new column marking:
>> \getmarking[marking_id][column][last/first].
>>      ! There are some problems [perhaps with expansion (different 
>> counter number and text)] if marking goes between two columnsets (framed 
>> chapters cross two cols in examples).
> hm, some day ...
>>      = found acceptable hack but need more ivestigation on small 
>> examples for cleaning.
> ok
>>  > metapost inclusion
>>    + the most powerful, smooth and stable part of ConTeXt in my opinion 
>> (see random frames, circles with transparent graphics, lines with color 
>> shading)
>>    = if you have many (over 1024!) shadings (-> MP specials) do
>>      \settrue \manyMPspecials
> this is the default now (today i played with persistent mp runs and that 
> will speed up runtime processing enourmously)

what is persistent mp run? It means mp that has not changed since 
previous run? It would be great. (btw compilation the whole book takes 
about 20 min on 3.2 Ghz AMD.)


>>> index (register)
>>    + nice possibility to differentiate several groups (here 8 from which 
>> 4 have different visual marking of page number, see index example)
>>    - sorting: until this spring there was no satisfied backround for
>> Czech sorting in newtexutil.rb till this spring.
>>      = I did dirty reimplementation of old texutil.pl for doing so
>>      * I have to have a look for new sorting now.
>>    - coupling: page numbers with group preserving (see example)
>>      = also in texutil.pl reimplementation
>>  > regime
>>    * my great discovery was that the regime IS
>>        \enableregime{latin2} % correct
>>      and NOT
>>        \enableregime{il2} % incorrect!
> well, il2 is actually a kind of hack: an incomplete, usable for csr 
> only, encoding
>>  > pseudo-small caps
>>    = http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Pseudo_Small_Caps
>>  > ...
>> I provide the environment files (design definition) in case of 
>> somebody's interest. But suddenly they are very very very dirty. 
> ha, look at some of my project files, patch upon patch (esp when 
> designers start getting inconsistent )
>> Partially due to my unsufficient ConTeXt knowledge, partially due to my 
>> despair during trying many ways to solve some problem, partially due to 
>> putting pathes to old ConTeXt (it was fresh of course when the work 
>> begins), ...:
>>    ftp://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/pub/cmp/users/zyka/vg-ex/vg05-env.tex (core)
>>    ftp://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/pub/cmp/users/zyka/vg-ex/vg05-mark.tex (markup)
> well, given that at that time columnsets were even more experimental, you did quite well 

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