[NTG-context] TABLE wishlist

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Sat May 27 02:43:25 CEST 2006


I have finished my thesis using ConTeXt (with an XML only source -
yeah ...). I found ConTeXt very usable, much more consistent in syntax than
LaTeX (once one gets used to it) and up to the job ... the only thing that
was not fixable is multipage table support with TABLEs. As pointed out
earlier, there are issues with page breaking associated with it (see
http://www.idyll.org:8081/JohSite/context/page-overflow-preceeding-a-split-table/splitableoverflow.pdf/download) -
despite a patch by Hans.
If, at one point,  one of the developers is going to put some work into
TABLEs, I have two requests aside from a reliable splitting algorithm:
1) A clearer numbering scheme ("Table 25a" and "Table 25b" rather
than "Table 25a" and "Table 26b") for split tables.
2) an option that allows to repeat the table header, but replaces the
caption after the first part of the split table with a configurable string
as "Continued from page xyz".

Having these 2(3) additions would be a great boon to ConTeXt (I believe).
When I find the time in the next couple of days I'll start to return some
of the insights gotten from the newsgroup during the thesis writing process
to the community via the wiki.

Thanks for your help guys! And thanks for this great package!


P.S.: I'd still be able to sneak in a last minute page breaking fix till
Tuesday ;0) JG

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