[NTG-context] Textext Question

Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Sat May 27 00:06:16 CEST 2006

On 26 mai 2006, at 22:24, Jean Magnan de Bornier wrote:

> Le 26 mai à 18:10:43 Willi Egger <w.egger at boede.nl> écrit notamment:
>> Hi Jean Magnan,
>> You should add  \useMPlibrary[txt] in order to get textext working.
>> Further define AX as a path only.
>> In the dummy-graphic say drawdblarrow AX.withcolor blue;
>> After these changes I got the label as well as the double arrow.
> Hi,
> thanks to you and Renaud; I changed my file to this: [....]


Actually I tried your file and got the same "Undefined" message in  
place of the graphics.
However the following works for me (latest ConTeXt installed with i- 
Installer on Mac OS X 10.4.6):


numeric u; u = .4cm;
path p; p = (10u,0)--(0,0)--(0,10u);
pickup pencircle scaled .8mm;
drawdblarrow p withcolor red;
label.rt(textext("$3x^2+\pi$"), (5u,6u));

\input dawkins

If I add
at the beginning everything works fine as well. But if I add
then I get the "Undefined" message in the PDF. So it seems that the  
problem comes from this latter command.

Best regards: OK

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