[NTG-context] XeTeX "hangs"

Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Tue May 23 23:03:35 CEST 2006

Hi Mojca,

Trying your minimal file on my Mac OS X, with XeConTeXt or with plain  
XeTeX, I observe the same hanging...

However, the following, taken out of an example sent to you by  
Jonathan K., works fine with both (indeed commenting out \starttext  
and \stoptext in plain XeTeX):

\font\lmec = ec-lmr10 at 36 pt

Testing... ð

Testing... ^^F0

\catcode`č=\active \defč{^^a3}
\catcode`š=\active \defš{^^b2}
\catcode`ž=\active \defž{^^ba}

Testing... čšž


while the following results in a PDF file with "Testing... ° 0"

\catcode`ð=\active \defð{^^F0}

Testing... ð


Needless to tell you that all this seems extremely obscure to me...

Best regards: OK

On 23 mai 2006, at 10:24, Mojca Miklavec wrote:

> If I try to compile the folllowing code with XeTeX, it "hangs" (as if
> it was waiting for further input):
> \catcode`ð=\active \defð{^^f0} % only hangs for "F0", other  
> numbers are OK
> \starttext
> ð
> \stoptext
> I didn't manage to test the same example with "plain" XeTeX (tetex is
> a bit misconfigured since the standalone ConTeXt is installed), but
> Jonathan says that it runs OK on his computer. Is my system broken
> again or are some other black forces working anywhere?
> Thanks,
>    Mojca
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