[NTG-context] corrupted .map files or MikTeX messing around?

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Mon May 22 18:49:31 CEST 2006


a friend sent me some currupted PDF files (produced by ConTeXt)
yesterday: all the fonts were missing in the document. He installed
the latest ConTeXt (unzipped cont-tmf) on top of MikTeX (and I was
able to reproduce his problem).

In MikTeX the file
was used instead of

ec-public-lm.map looks like:

ec-lmb10 lm-ec lmb10
ec-lmbo10 lm-ec lmbo10
ec-lmbx10 lm-ec lmbx10
ec-lmbx12 lm-ec lmbx12

while the other one reads:

ec-lmb10 LMRoman10-Demi "enclmec ReEncodeFont" <lm-ec.enc <lmb10.pfb
ec-lmbo10 LMRoman10-DemiOblique "enclmec ReEncodeFont" <lm-ec.enc <lmbo10.pfb
ec-lmbx10 LMRoman10-Bold "enclmec ReEncodeFont" <lm-ec.enc <lmbx10.pfb
ec-lmbx12 LMRoman12-Bold "enclmec ReEncodeFont" <lm-ec.enc <lmbx12.pfb

So pdfTeX reported many arrors (see one of the recent threads "new release"):

Warning: pdfetex (file original-base.map): invalid entry for `fmvr8x': font fil
e missing

Whose fault is it? MikTeX's pdfTeX using the wrong path & files or
were the map files [unintentionally] changed in order to support XeTeX


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