[NTG-context] Math encoding in XeTeX

Ricard Roca ricardroca at gmail.com
Sun May 21 00:24:41 CEST 2006


With ConTeXt and pdfTeX you can use \enableregime[utf] (utf8 encoding) with 
normal mode and math mode (no need to write \pm, \alpha or \times). But with 
ConTeXt and XeTeX you don't have to specify utf8 regime, because XeTeX can 
read utf8 directly. However, math mode in XeTeX is a different story ( 256 
character tfm's are needed and so, and the encoding has to be ascii, so you 
have to write \pm, and ± doesn't work). 

It would be nice if utf8 regime (using uni-xxx files) could be enabled only 
for math mode when using XeTeX, and so you would be able to input unicode 
characters in all modes (normal and math).

Thanks in advance,

Ricard Roca

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