[NTG-context] Wrong image size evaluation

nico nicolas.marsgui at libertysurf.fr
Thu May 18 17:00:08 CEST 2006


I have some troubles with a PNG image, that is not correctly rendered by  
context (too small). The difference I've found with another correctly  
displayed image is that the file does not contain any resolution unit (but  
a pixels/inch default seems reasonable).

Is there a workaround or specific setup to make this work (without  
explicit width setting)?

Here is the test file I use. If you wish I can send the images, or find  
the troublesome PNG image at:  

Thanks for your help.


identify -verbose images/ch02dia1.png
images/ch02dia1.png PNG 146x168 146x168+0+0 PseudoClass 135c 2kb 0.008u  
Image: images/ch02dia1.png
   Format: PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
   Geometry: 146x168
   Resolution: 28.34x28.34
   Units: PixelsPerCentimeter


identify -verbose images/ch01dia1.png
images/ch01dia1.png PNG 511x585 511x585+0+0 DirectClass 54kb 0.094u 0:01
Image: images/ch01dia1.png
   Format: PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
   Geometry: 511x585
   Resolution: 72x72
   Units: Undefined




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