[NTG-context] Linux: ConTeXt in local texmf-tree and Ruby scripts - HOWTO?

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Thu May 11 19:12:58 CEST 2006


I'm on Debian unstable and have the latest context sitting in my home
directory's 'texmf'. The new ruby scripts confuse me to no end - I just
don't understand how to make it works. Here is what works and what doesn't:
1) 'ruby ~/texmf/scripts/context/ruby/texexec.rb document.tex' works.

2) Made ~/texmf/scripts executable (recursively).

3) I have linked '~/texmf/scripts/context/ruby/texmfstart.rb'
to '~/bin/texmfstart' (~/bin being in my path) and now calling 'texmfstart'
gives me this:
version  : 1.8.6 - 2003/2006 - www.pragma-ade.com

usage    : texmfstart [switches] filename [optional arguments]

switches : --verbose --report --browser --direct --execute --locate --iftouched
           --program --file --page --arguments --batch --edit --report --clear
           --make --lmake --wmake --path --stubpath --indirect --before --after
           --tree --autotree --environment --showenv

example  : texmfstart pstopdf.rb cow.eps
           texmfstart --locate examplex.rb
           texmfstart --execute examplex.rb
           texmfstart --browser examplap.pdf
           texmfstart showcase.pdf
           texmfstart --page=2 --file=showcase.pdf
           texmfstart --program=yourtex yourscript.rb arg-1 arg-2
           texmfstart --direct xsltproc kpse:somefile.xsl somefile.xml
           texmfstart bin:xsltproc env:somepreset path:somefile.xsl
           texmfstart --iftouched=normal,lowres downsample.rb normal lowres
           texmfstart texmfstart bin:scite kpse:texmf.cnf
           texmfstart --exec bin:scite *.tex
           texmfstart --edit texmf.cnf
           texmfstart --serve

           texmfstart --stubpath=/usr/local/bin [--make --remove] --verbose
           texmfstart --stubpath=auto [--make --remove] all

Seems to work to a first approximation.

4) I have also added '~/texmf/scripts/context/stubs/unix' to my path to make
the stubs residing therein accessible on the command line. 'which texexec'
now returns 
Which seems right. 
Also added to the path '~/texmf/scripts/context/ruby'. 'which texexec.rb'
now returns 
However, just calling 'texexec document.tex' does not work - NOTHING
happens, new prompt, no errors.
Same thing with 'texmfstart texexec.rb document.tex' - which is the command
the 'texexec'-stub actually calls.

I'm at the end of my knowledge and intuition. Can anybody help circumventing
the need for the monster 'ruby ~/texmf/scripts/context/ruby/texexec.rb

Thanks, Joh

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