[NTG-context] components and figure search paths

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Thu May 11 06:29:16 CEST 2006

> And the beginning lines in section1.tex look like this:

> \startcomponent section1
> \project book
> \product chapter0/chapter0

Does it matter what you put after the \startcomponent?  I'm always
trying to figure out whether to use the full relative path or just the
last piece of it.

  \product chapter0
also work?  I'm pretty sure it would: I think the \product line is
ignored and only the \project file is read.  When I compile a
component that begins with

  \startcomponent c_ch1
  \product onebook
  \project project_books

I get:

  systems         : begin file c_ch1 at line 1
  systems         : begin file project_books at line 3
  systems         : begin file env_books at line 3
  systems         : end file env_books at line 3
  systems         : end file project_books at line 3

> \usefigurebase[figures/figlibSection1]

Ah, that must be the equivalent of

> I haven't tried to compile book.tex (too big), so I don't know if
> that works.

It might work, though I remember reading on the list sometime that one
isn't supposed to compile the project file -- only the components or
the products.  Which brings me back to what I don't understand about
the project structuring (the purpose of the \product command).


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