[NTG-context] new release

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Thu May 11 00:11:47 CEST 2006

Yes, that's strange. I just checked, and everything is golden on a linux
system (gentoo, but I gues the same is true for other linux distros). So
I really don't see why OS X should behave differently. Is there any
debugging info that I could provide? How 'bout the other OS X users (I
seem to recall there were quite a few of them): do you get the same



On Wed, 2006-05-10 at 19:10 +0200, Hans Hagen wrote:
> strange, since i suppose that linux and osx behave the same (don't
> call it newtexexec any more) 
> Hans 

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