[NTG-context] components and figure search paths

David Arnold dwarnold45 at cox.net
Wed May 10 17:13:27 CEST 2006

Hans and Sanjoy,

I am doing something similar, so I am following this discussion closely.

On my machine, the main directory is ~/Documents/IntAlgText/trunk.  
The main directory contains my environment files and book.tex (the  

Then I have these directories.


Each of these directories contains a chapter and sections for that  
chapter. So, for example, I have:


Each of these directories contains a figure directory. So, I have:


Each of these "figure" directories contain all of the figures for the  
chapter (the product). There are two files for each "section" of  
chapter that generate the figures.


My project (book.tex) looks like this:

\startproject book
%\environment bookenv
\doifnotmode{clean1-screen}{\environment bookenv-clean1-print}
\doifmode{clean1-screen}{\environment bookenv-clean1-screen}
\product chapter1/chapter0
\product chapter1/chapter1
\product chapter2/chapter2
\product chapter3/chapter3
\product chapter4/chapter4
\product chapter5/chapter5
\product chapter6/chapter6
\product chapter7/chapter7
\product chapter8/chapter8

chapter0.tex looks like this:

\startproduct chapter0
\project book
\component chapter0/section1  %Number Systems
\component chapter0/section2   %Logic

And the beginning lines in section1.tex look like this:

\startcomponent section1
\project book
\product chapter0/chapter0
\section[section:numbers]{Number systems}

The beginning lines in section2,tex look like this:

\startcomponent section1
\project book
\product chapter0/chapter0
\section[section:numbers]{Number systems}

The files section1figs.tex and section2figs.tex contain Metapost code in


pairs. The figure libraries figlibSection1.xml and figlibSection2.xml  
look like this:

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<?context-directive job module fig-make ?>
<?context-directive job mode letter ?>
<figurelibrary language="en">

<organization>College of the Redwoods Mathematics Department</ 
<project>Intermediate Algebra Text</project>
<product>Chapter 0</product>
<comment>Figures for Section 1</comment>

<copyright>College of the Redwoods Mathematics Department</copyright>


This figure library also contains other graphics such as screen  
captures of my graphing calculator.

It all seems to work. I have compiled individual sections, like  
section1.tex and I've compiled chapters, like chapter0.tex. I haven't  
tried to compile book.tex (too big), so I don't know if that works.

Hope this helps.

On May 10, 2006, at 7:38 AM, Hans Hagen wrote:

> Sanjoy Mahajan wrote:
>>>> Is the idea to use \currentcomponentpath in the directory= 
>>>> {...}?  I put
>>> indeed
>> I've just tried the version below, but abc-1.eps cannot be found (I
>> also tried \noexpand\currentcomponentpath):
>> % file: chap/1/c_ch1.tex
>> \startcomponent c_ch1
>> \product onebook
>> \project project_books
>> \setupexternalfigures[directory={\currentcomponentpath}]
>> % but, just as a sanity check, this way works:
>> %  \setupexternalfigures[directory={chap/1}]
>> \title{One}
>> Hi
>> \useexternalfigure[ff][abc-1.eps]
>> \placefigure[here][ff]{Some caption}{\externalfigure[ff]}
>> \stopcomponent
> so how is this component, when run on itself, supposed to locate  
> itself,
> - how does the dir structure look
> - where did you put the file
> - where did you run it
> (there is also the option to say: \usesubpath[1,2,3,4,5,6])
> Hans
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