[NTG-context] components and figure search paths

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Wed May 10 04:46:34 CEST 2006

Using components (e.g. book chapters), with each component in its own
directory, say I have

\startproduct onebook
\project manybooks
\component 1/chap
\component 2/chap

with this 1/chap.tex:

\startcomponent 1/chap
\product onebook
\project manybooks
An essential chapter.
\placefigure[here][ff]{Some caption}{\externalfigure[ff]}

I'd like to keep the figures and source for a chapter together,
e.g. abc.mp and abc.1 in 1/chap/ since each chapter has many figures,
and I edit and test one chapter at a time.

That arrangement works fine if I build the component:
  cd 1 && texexec chap.tex
but not if I build the product:
  texexec book.tex
(it doesn't find abc.1 since it's not in the same dir as book.tex)

The details.pdf manual says that figures are searched for in the local
path (current directory) and the global one, with the global one set by
the directory keyword:


Is there a way to specify "current directory relative to this
component", or a way to add that setting to the default 'local' path
(even before '.')?

I could add it manually in the preamble of the 1/chap.tex but it would
mean hardwiring the pathname into it, which seems hacky. E.g. it fails
if I export the whole source tree to /tmp/tmp.2773ab/ to test rebuilding
all the pdf's from scratch.


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