[NTG-context] Problem with a french document

Renaud AUBIN aubin at nibua-r.org
Wed May 10 01:04:10 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I use a "complex" structure for my document (project, product,
environment and components).

The project is allmost empty except for the environment and the product
The environment contains all my \usemodule, \setupstuff and fonts
settings (I use texnansi because I can't have correct horizontal spaces
in MetaUML with the EC encoding... and don't want bitmap fonts :) ).
The product obviously contains the project declaration, the
\start-\stoptext and my components.

My question is: What's the best place to put french settings ?
For the moment, I have:


in my product but I have some VERY STRANGE problems with accentuated
characters (I have tried before and after \startproduct...):

1.I have a custom title page defined in a t-title.tex module -> a ô
results in 'ô while è and é are right (maybe a problem with texnansi but
I don't think so)

\setupheadertexts[][{\sl \getmarking[chapter]}]
    \chapter{Table des matières}

results in: Tables des Mati'ères in the header, the toc element and the
chapter title... while other toc elements is ok (with accentuated

3. same problems with \chapter within backmatter start/stop pair...

I must precise that I have the following error:
TeXUtil | fatal error in plugin processor MySynonyms (wrong argument
type nil (expected Regexp))

I'm going nuts... :-!



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