[NTG-context] treat framed and externalfigure as characters

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue May 9 23:07:22 CEST 2006

� wrote:
> I understand and accept your arguments. Even for me, it's no more problem
> to add here and there a \dontleavehmode, since I know it now. But for a
> beginner and a user without ambition to become a ConTeXt expert, the actual
> behaviour is annoying. He just sees a line break, where he does not expect
> it. There is a fundamental difference between
>                      bla \framed{bla} bla
> and
>                      \framed{bla} bla bla
> that is not understandable.
this is the case for many more things and a tex speciality which takes 
while to get accustomed to; a similar case is

{\bf whatever} rest of par

best put a \dontleavevmode or \strut in front if you want indentation 
and related features to work
> Perhaps one day, I would like to convert some of my colleagues from M$-Word
> to ConTeXt, but if I have to teach them about things like \dontleavehmode
> there is no need for further efforts. So, such a switch would be very
> welcome (I would put it into cont-sys.tex)!
but then it would break other things and your collegues would scream about that 

btw, there is \inframed for inline usage, or one could define a symbol 


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