[NTG-context] Cyrillic glyphs display problem with standalone ConTeXt distribution under win32

Vladimir Smirnov smirnoff at spbal.ru
Sun May 7 20:50:34 CEST 2006

Hello everyone,

I use standalone ConTeXt distribution for win32, mswincontext.zip 
downloaded a week ago, and never got proper cyrillic characters. I get 
latin "character codes" instead: for instance, \cyrillicDJE produces "DJE" 
in the output pdf, but not "ö". At the same time \Tsedilla (cp1250) makes 
the proper glyph. I found that live ConTeXt at contextgarden.org behaves 
in the similar way. Neither of recommendations/samples at 
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Russian worked for me. The standalone 
context distribution does contain all necessary fonts and regimes, so 
there must be some deeper problem. Could anyone, please, tell me what is 
going on?

Here is my test.tex. I tried it in utf, cp1251, cp866, all producing the 
similar result.

(this letter must be in koi-8r cyrillic encoding)



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