[NTG-context] More on split TABLES: Numbering Scheme and other things

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Sat May 6 07:23:13 CEST 2006


I'm using the split-TABLE patch below (send - how can it be different - by
Hans) along with the also appended table definition (to read out XML code).
I have two problems here:
1) as posted earlier, the page just before a split TABLE overflows on the
bottom (see
2) I also wonder whether the table numbering scheme this is producing may be
changeable: instead of '1.1a', '1.2b' (currently for two parts of a split
TABLE) the more intuitive '1.1a', '1.1b'

Can anybody give me a helping hand for fixing this?

Thanks, Joh

Table definition:
{{\bf\XMLflush{floattitle}} \XMLflush{caption}}}

Split TABLE patch:
% Fixing multipage table according to Hans Hagen:
% in core-ntb : we check the flag 
% in page-flt : we add a flag 
\newif\ifinsidesplitfloat % will become chardef
\def\dosplitfloat[#1]#2% nog dubbele refs
  {\ifinsidecolumns    % tzt ook nog figuren splitten
     % not yet supported
     \TABLEcaptionheight\@@silines\lineheight % brrr
     \simplifypagebreak % \page becomes \goodbreak
          {\setbox2\vsplit\nextbox to \lineheight
             \ifcase\rawnumber[\??si]\or \ifdim\nextboxht=\zeropoint
             \fi \fi
% beware: you need to set the splitmethod to b (boxed split) 

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