[NTG-context] MyWay doesn't agree

David Arnold david-arnold at redwoods.edu
Fri May 5 02:31:19 CEST 2006


This code:

   \startformula \startalign[m=2,distance=5em]
\NC a_1 x + b_1 y \NC = c_1 \NC d_1 u + e_1 v \NC = f_1 \NR
\NC a_2 x + b_2 y \NC = c_2 \NC d_2 u + e_2 v \NC = f_2 \NR
\stopalign \stopformula

Doesn't produce the result advertised in your MyWay.

David Arnold
College of the Redwoods
Mathematics Department
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 476-4222

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